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ComfyTree Enterprises Blueprint

Get Comfy With Your Financial Investments

Live events, virtual training, and 1:1 sessions; a core pillar of ComfyTree Enterprises's business focus is on education. Especially bringing education to people in states where good cannabusiness info is hard to come by.


ComfyTree Enterprises is a minority owner of a cultivation facility & an Infused Product Facility  in Denver, CO. Our master growers and extractions specialists are heavily involved in all of ComfyTree's live and virtual education on all levels. 

Growing & Processing

CBD & hemp oil are passions for the ComfyTree team & are represented in our sister company, ComfyHemp where we sell only the purest CBD extracts we can create. Think you have a product worth selling? Just get in touch!

CBD Retail

ComfyTree Extractions

Whether we are talking THC infused comfy dog treats, marijuana infused hot sauces, and salad dressing, edibles, or THC water soluble beverages owning our own MIP facility allows us to take our wildest ideas and turn them into a reality.

Toll processing (processing other facilities flower) and manufacturing other businesses brands are additional ways to generate revenue with a MIP. Our raw materials (flower and trim), will come from our strategic partnership with GreenLight Cannabis Company.

Infused products are the fastest going subset of products in the fastest growing industry in the United States. Although ComfyTree is involved in many projects, having our own extraction facility also called Manufacturing Infused Product (MIP) is necessary if we want to compete at the highest levels once federal legalization occurs and the market matures. As you can see from the chart below, MIPs have great profit margins and we can continue to build our brand by developing niche marijuana and hemp products.

There are a variety of ways to inject revenue into ComfyTree with a MIP.  Below we outline the current capital needed to finish the facility as well as some key investor related information.  

We are nearly done with all of the location 'logistics’  like finding a properly zoned facility, cannabis-friendly landlord, option to buy the facility ($650K), architectural drawings, including mechanical, electrical, plumbing.  

We have also identified a best in class contractor to complete the buildout for the MIP facility.  While we have been waiting for the long city permit process for approximately 9 months we have begun to develop  o sales funnel spwe can generate revenue in a time period that is conducive to your investment appetite.

As we stated earlier, investing in ComfyTree gives you access to many strategic components of the cannabis industry. Not, let’s make our wildest business ideas come true.

As Seen In:

 We created the ComfyTree House because we know the importance of having like-minded people to confide in and bounce ideas off. If you live in a state that hasn't legalized, you may find meeting like-minded folks harder than you thought or more awkward than you can stand.


We offer specific resources to cannabis entrepreneurs that are in different phases of their business. We're launching a cannabis lending club and we have proprietary software being developed that will make predicting/modeling your cannabusiness financials a cinch.

B2B Resources

Mission, Values & Vision

We Are ComfyTree

Portfolio Offerings: Everything ComfyTree Has To Offer

ComfyTree Consumer Segmentation

ComfyTree Lending

Plan & Funnels Overview

Media Coverage & Press

ComfyTree In The News

Who Gets Comfy With ComfyTree?

 ComfyTree has invested far more capital on building a brand presence than most other cannabis businesses. By being everywhere in the space and relentlessly infusing the 'Comfy' way into every message, consumers identify us as leaders in the cannabis industry, ultimately reaching our goal of making 'ComfyTree' synonymous with cannabis.


You want to invest in the cannabis industry but...

- You don't know how

- You haven't found the right cannabis business to invest in.

 ComfyTree Enterprises aims to become the first national cannabis brand with developed business units in cannabis events, products, services, education, cultivation, & extractions.

Our Customers Come From All Walks Of Life

Basic Demographics

Age & Sex

The cannabis industry as a whole is 70/30 favoring Males. ComfyTree Mirrors these demographics.

Age Demographics From Facebook

Age Demographics From Paid Social Media

Sex Demographics From Facebook

Become A Vendor

Our 2-day single price booths are some of the most affordable in the industry. Connect with customers, hire an all-star team member, & show off your products.

Become A Sponsor

Time and finances are precious - whether you're a cannabusiness or not. So we make sure that only enticing and thoughtful sponsorship opportunities are presentted to you.

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Provide lunch and do a mini presentation if desired.

ComfyTree Lending has developed a proprietary algorithm that allows us to take into consideration more than just your credit score. We access you as an individual and your business's history as it is in real life, not on paper. The site and interface is completely custom built by ComfyTree developers.

ComfyTree plans to funnel more of our customers to ComfyTree Lending as their projects launch and they become qualified and in need of more funding to take their business to the next level. The relationship with the customer is developed early and continuously nurtured.

  • Above & right shows the landing page at comfytreelending.com

There's a reason you're reading this business plan on a web page and not a powerpoint. ComfyTree does things differently. Always because it's better, sometimes because we like to stand out. We are so confident in our ability to fulfill the needs of our target audience that we view our competitors more as partners available to create mutually beneficial relationships (regardless if they feel the same way). 

ComfyTree Stands Out


Marketing Strategy


Financials & Valuation

Meet The Team

Reviews & Testimonials

Business Strategy

Problem, Solution, Ask

Organizational Structure

The ComfyTree Mission

A corporate trained group of professionals... 

...who work their tails off to deliver a full spectrum cannabis portfolio designed to improve the lives of the marijuana and hemp consumers, while enabling an investor to capitalize on a burgeoning industry.


Funding to enable ComfyTree to capture market share, hire the best talent, and deliver product innovation during the early stages of the cannabis movement. Working capital is necessary to continue the current momentum as ComfyTree has been 100% funding by the founders since the inception of the enterprise.

You won’t find another cannabis company that delivers on brand messaging and products that all work congruently to keep consumers purchasing products and services in our portfolio over and over again. Our company culture allows us to attract top talent. Our corporate training with brands like Tide, Bounty, Whirlpool, Kitchen Aid, Jack Daniels, Southern Comfort, and Amazon demonstrates to our investors that we understand each phase of the business supply chain.

With deal flow increasing in the cannabis industry by over 400% between 2015 – 2016, you should seriously consider getting comfy with your financial investments and invest in ComfyTree Enterprises. Our blueprint will walk you through our business plan from beginning to end. You won’t be able to take it all in in one setting so please utilize the index and section headers to teleport to each section of the business plan.

 ComfyTree Values

ComfyTree's Vision


ComfyTree Virtual Education

ComfyTree has built a one-of-a-kind online virtual training platform designed specifically for cannabis entrepreneurs.   

Hemp In The Holler - Livingston, KY 2015
ComfyTree Canna Conference - Tampa, FL 2016

ComfyTree strives to be a leader in the cannabis industry as well as a major, respected and recognized brand in cannabis businesses and circles. We will educate and connect future cannabis business owners, employees, and curious minds together in a community of like-minded people. ComfyTree comes at cannabis from all sides.

ComfyTree's values are reflected in our brand identity and how we run our business on every level. We perform our work with integrity, courage, and honesty. We hope to set an example for the industry.

We believe cannabis will change the lives of millions of people around the world. We see a future where everyone's relationship with the plant is based on truth, and the full potential of cannabis is unleashed.

B2B Solutions


Growing & Processing

Cannabis Education

Cannabis Megabrand Market Share Leader

Strategy delivers value creation with both industrial hemp, medical and recreational marijuana

Drive Purchase Intent With Creativity

Utilize brand equity to drive consumer engagement and become the 'Comfy' approach to Cannabis.

Trade In Trade Up With Multiple Revenue Streams

Create a variety of 'on brand' product offerings and increase penny profit per customer.


ComfyHemp CBD Retail

ComfyHempClub Membership Program

Crystalline Isolate

(left) ComfyHemp Tablets are easy to administer for patients seeking the relief obtained within CBD. (below) ComfyHemp also extracts CBD in it's most pure form and offers it in its raw crystalline state. You'll also see we package the powdered isolate as well. 

Primary Pain Points

Financial & Purchasing Profile

Since most of our customers are professionals who work full-time, their income reflects that of full time professionals.
ComfyTree’s pricing strategies are a function of our audience’s financial profile (among many factors).

ComfyTree Customer Avatars

The Liberal Boomer

Goals: Retire comfortably and leave behind a fortune to my children and grandchildren. Get off salary and invest in a new opportunity or start his own practice.

Challenges: Knows about legalization and the movement but doesn’t know how legitimate it is. He’s not ultra conservative but he can’t wrap his mind around getting past the stigma. He may be unaware of this or he may be aware of his bias.

Value Proposition: Our professionals can educate you via the privacy of your own home. The blog is a free resource for legitimate and vetting information, while our affordable membership program and virtual training platform gives you access to leaders and up and coming experts in the field.

Common Objections: Is what I’m reading actually true? How can I know any real facts about the industry when it’s so new? What’s everyone going to think?

Marketing Message: Get to the bottom line by learning from one our training platforms, or likely sell consulting service due to the Liberal Boomer’s status in life.

Elevator Pitch/Product Suggestion: Come to the ComfyTree Blog where you can learn the ins and outs without any pressure. Join the ComfyTree House and interact with real entrepreneurs with ideas you can get behind (figuratively and financially).

What kind of people work in the marijuana industry?

Goals: Continue to grow wealth. Cash in on cannabis in the quickest, most straightforward way possible.

Challenges: Unsure if switching to a career in cannabis will affect her life. She doesn’t know where to find investment/project opportunities. Her lack of the product makes it hard for her to come up with a good idea by herself.

Value Proposition: Come to the CannaBazaar and our Career fairs to meet professionals in the cannabis business. If you can’t make it, join the ComfyTree House: the only online community for Cannabis businesses, entrepreneurs, and startups.

Common Objections: What if these connections are scams or actually not great businesses at all? I don’t know who’s reputable in the industry.

Marketing Message: Make the right connections that will propel you into the cannabis industry and make you confident about your new investments.

Elevator Pitch/Product Suggestion: If you don’t know where to start, or if you are looking for any connections into the cannabis industry, ComfyTree’s online community is for you.

Isn't selling CBD illegal?

The Professional

Goals: Hook up with the right people in the cannabis industry so he can get an industry job in management, or open his own shop of custom marijuana accessories and glass.

Challenges: Very busy with his day job. Although he’s pretty knowledgeable about the industry right now, he’s still not quite confident enough to make the leap.

Value Proposition: Our Cannalytics program can save so much time by basically modeling your financials for you. We’ve taken hours of work and turned it into a program you can use to do the work in minutes. Our consultants can help you fill in any holes in your plan and make sure you don’t ever falter. Avoid expensive legal fees, marketing mistakes, and advertising gaffes.

Common Objections: I’m sure I can do it on my own.

Marketing Message: There may not ever be a sure thing, but teaming up with ComfyTree will get you close.

Elevator Pitch/Product Suggestion: Take the guess work out of the process by using ComfyTree Cannalytics and using world-class ComfyTree consultants to ensure you stay on point and never stray off course.

I'm thinking about moving to a legal state.

The Convert

Goals: Run a cannabis dispensary for recreational and medicinal marijuana use. Learn exact steps it takes to get into the industry. Learn industry while saving up enough to open a dispensary.

Challenges: No time to do research in the industry. He doesn’t have enough money to open a dispensary but he wants to get involved somehow but doesn’t know how. Lacks the right connections.

Value Proposition: The ComfyTree team has done all of the research for you. You can find a lot on our blog, but you’ll find comprehensive information AND possible connections in our membership area or by attending one of our CannaBazaar events. You can take a crash course in one weekend instead of dedicating hours upon hours on research while being sure you’re covering all your bases.

Common Objections: I don’t want to spend my weekend learning. I’m not technically ready right now so I don’t need to worry about it yet.

Marketing Message: Don’t fall behind. If you’re interested in the cannabis business, don’t wait until you’re ready to jump to get informed.

Elevator Pitch/Product Suggestion: Stay educated and up to date by subscribing to the Comfy Blog, getting involved with the Comfy Community, and attending CannaBazaar events when you can. We’ll keep you up to date with little effort on your part. You just have to show up.

How can I work in the marijuana industry?

The Go-Getter

Goals: Find a job in the cannabis industry that pays well enough for him to live.

Challenges: Doesn’t know of any companies hiring in the cannabis industry. Doesn’t think he has anything to offer right now. Can’t travel to events or interviews because of job and 2 dogs.

Value Proposition: Get your feet wet with ComfyTree’s virtual training. You can take it over and over again while never leaving the city. Let ComfyTree introduce you to possible employers at our D.C. Career Fair.

Common Objections: No one will hire me because I have no experience.

Marketing Message: Your one stop shop for cannabis education for beginners and entry-level professionals.

Elevator Pitch/Product Suggestion: Come learn from the best at ComfyTree’s Virtual Learning Center or at a ComfyTree CannaBazaar Event. Find a mentor and have support while navigating this new industry. Don’t be dismayed by your lack of experience. You don’t have to move to get any either. All you have to do is show up to a virtual training and let us train for your next job in the cannabis industry.

Do you need experience to work in the cannabis industry?

The Change Maker

Goals: Own/start a dispensary or discover other possible inlets to the cannabis industry.

Challenges: He simply doesn’t know anyone in the business that he would trust with his investment (including himself). Although he’s enthusiastic and ready, he’s not willing to throw his money at the first schemer who comes his way. He doesn’t know how to make a decision about what is a good or bad investment in the cannabis industry and he can’t do it on his own.

Value Proposition: Increase your knowledge level by utilized ComfyTree resources and services. Save hours of time by using ComfyTree Cannalytics. Be sure about your plan going forward by bringing on ComfyTree Consultants to your team. Get feedback from your community by taking advantage of a membership.

Common Objections: This sounds like a lot of work. I’d rather be schmoozing than slaving away over spreadsheets. Maybe I’ll just wait for someone good to come along and ask me for money.

Marketing Message: Find your partner at the ComfyTree House.

Elevator Pitch/Product Suggestion: Start your journey in the cannabis industry now by utilizing ComfyTree’s extensive body of knowledge, resources, services, products, and community. You’re never alone in this when you’ve got ComfyTree in your corner.

I'll give you $2000 to help me start my grow operation.

The Opportunity Scout

Most of the people who come to ComfyTree events, or seek ComfyTree led education, have full-time jobs and are looking for information on the industry. However, we have managed to identify 7 different customer personas of ideal ComfyTree customers in varying Positions along the sales funnel.

Goals: Decide whether or not to enter the cannabis industry. Understand risks, pitfalls, and best practices. Be confident in the choices made in regard to cannabis industry.

Challenges: Not enough consistent and reliable information. Most information consolidated in one place. Don’t know what to learn.

Value Proposition: One stop shop for education on all sides of the industry. Affordable, especially considering what a mistake could cost. Leave feeling confident you have the tools to make the right decision for you, or leave being able to identify the information you need.

Common Objections: Why pay $299 when I don’t even know if this is a legitimate industry that will last. I could probably buckle down and look everything up myself.

Marketing Message: Traveling & Complete Crash Course the ComfyTree CannaBazaar

Elevator Pitch/Product Suggestion: ComfyTree Cannabis Academy & Grow School gives you the tools you need for a comprehensive understanding of the cannabis industry and how to operate in this new space. Our education will make you confident about your ability to make a good decision, no matter which segment of the market you choose (or don’t choose). Save yourself hours of research and ultimate uncertainty bow allow us to use our experience to help. Gain information about all sides at our CannaBazaar event. Meet real cannabis business owners who’ve experienced real success.

Where can I find reliable, credible information about the cannabis industry?

The Inquisitor

Social Media Marketing




Facebook & Instagram Ads

Single Image

Tell A Story

Drive Traffic & Inform:

Single image ad with multiple images (up to 6) & relatively unlimited resources.

Tell A Story:

Carousel of images in order. Customer engages with ad before exit. .

Lead Generation Ads

Step 1: Give Them a Reason to Sign Up

Step 2: Collect Info

Facebook leads generate much of our email list growth aside from direct website visitors. They are very cost effective and deliver hugely qualified leads.

Provide more info about business, service, event, etc. Offer compelling reasons to give personal info.

Always obtaining as much information & data about our audience while contact is initiated.

Typical Results & Cost

Facebook ads and Lead forms are very cost effective to use and offer highly targeted marketing strategies, allowing us to perform demographic research and test product introductions

Although Facebook is highly effective, ComfyTree has a difficult time maintaining ads for any length of time due to strict regulations for cannabis related businesses.

Below shows a 3-day blitz campaign ad for our Jacksonville event.

Reach and clicks for Instagram (on the left) and Facebook (on the right).

Targeted Ad Creation

Optimize ad delivery for purposes of specific campaign & campaign goals (leads, traffic, engagement, awareness, etc.)

  • Easy to create custom, targeted audience.
  • Target by location, visitor type, visitor relationship with ComfyTree, etc. 
  • Always select audience to match ad goals and product/service to increase conversions & prevent wasting impressions. 
  • Facebook leads can be of very high quality.
  • Create ComfyTree brand awareness.
  • Engage with new fans and potential customers.
  • Convey & communicate the ’Comfy’ brand personality.
  • Promote products & services to new audiences.


Twitter & LinkedIn Ads

ComfyTree customers have shown consistently that they prefer Facebook to Twitter. Although we've played in the Twitter space, our experience with converting Twitter ads is poor. It's simply too expensive for ComfyTree to do for any length of time. 

Additionally, LinkedIn has provided mediocre results at best for the cost.

Just a few minutes later our target landing page is better optimized for our desired keyword. More work is to be done as a score of 'A' is the only acceptable grade in order for us to move on to the next page. However, 'A' level optimization tasks take much longer.

Initial rating for page optimization for selected keyword was a D. After performing several simple optimization recommendations to our target landing page, we returned for another evaluation. Note the change in URL contributes to better optimization score. 

Page Optimization

See below D score go to B score after appropriate changes made to page.

On-Site SEO

Search Engine Optimization


- Rank #1 in Google for chosen critical keywords.

- Increase current Google rankings for secondary keywords.

Cannabis Education

Use Moz to gather keywords and prioritize. Eventually, assign pages for optimization and track rank in Moz Pro. 

Use Moz to gather keywords and prioritize. Eventually assign pages for optimization and track rank in Moz Pro.

  • Use Moz to gather keywords and prioritize. 
  • Eventually, Use Moz to gather keywords and prioritize. 
  • Eventually, assign pages for optimization and track rank in Moz Pro. 

Low search volumes for cannabis education

No real SEO competitors in the space.

Huge opportunity to capture larger percentage of volume.

Target Keyword Research

Ad Building

Every Ad campaign for each platform is carefully planned out with targeted keyword lists corresponding to individual ad sets in a campaign.

Multiple ads for each ad set to test minor changes.
Create above for every ad set to ensure consistent messaging and achievement of ad set goal.

Each ad set geared toward a set of keywords with a common theme.
Create ads for specific position in funnel

Search Engine Marketing

- Accelerate keyword rankings in Google.
- Create awareness of ComfyTree brand.

- Promotion of paid events & services.
- Find qualified customers.

Search Engine Marketing

Google Adwords

Google Adwords is the creme of the crop when it comes to Search Engine Marketing, however their requirements are more strict, and we are consistently having to get our website out of suspension

ComfyTree plans to continuously test ads on Adwords and take advantage of various google services to help our ads get approved and stay approved.

Special link parameters help ComfyTree's marketing team to track the ads within ad sets that are most effective while discontinuing ad variations that produce a low ROI.

Bing Ads

Lower volume than Google, and lower quality search result algorithm, but can get good results with focus & constant ad optimization.

SEM will constitute the majority of paid non-social media advertising for the foreseeable future. Building our online brand and presence will be essential for the future of ComfyTree's educational side of the business. We're confident that as legalizatoin spreads, the prohibition on cannabis-related ads will ease, although it will never completely dissipate. 

Below we show the consequences of being a cannabis business trying to market online. Although we've been able to overcome some of these barriers, Yahoo ads has never let us advertise on their search engine.

The less restrictive ad regulations on Bing allows ComfyTree to create and test ads in front of a real audience, even if that audience isn't our ideal Google Adwords audience. 


- Establish & maintain a dialog with customers & ComfyTree fans.

- Nurture relationships to convert leads to sales.

- Continue to build confidence in ComfyTree’s expertise in Cannabis

- Unbounce landing pages combined with Unbounce convertibles (pop-ups)

- Low traffic, but high conversion rate.

- Because of the invasiveness of popups, we use this method only on our landing pages, or when lead value is very high. 

List Building

The ComfyTree email list is the crown jewel of all our marketing efforts. Highly vetted, supremely qualified, and constantly nurtured, we make every attempt to obtain personal information from every website visitor and customer encounter. All of our lead and list building efforts are synced directly with our email service provider for maximum efficiency. 



Establish ComfyTree as an authority in the Cannabis Industry.

Drive organic traffic to web properties.

Promote ComfyTree products & services.

Educate new & skeptical consumers.

Ground Game


- Use local volunteer resources as satellite sites to organize and execute events.
- Build personal relationships with people who will advocate for ComfyTree.
- Find strategic partners by attending national & local events.

Target Keyword Search Terms

ComfyTree brings in local speakers in every city we visit. If you're a cannabis professional spearheading the industry in your community, we want to hear from you.

Online Marketing Challenges

Google AdWords eventually suspended most ComfyTree web properties. Facebook eventually began rejecting ads. Yahoo ads were rejected immediatel following ad submission, and we have been unsuccessful in convincing them to change their minds..

Marketing Executions

Digital & Social Media



We will run varied, scheduled unpaid digital campaigns for each of our events on all social media platforms. 

Sponsored Email

[summary of BELOW]


[summary of BELOW]

Jacksonville, FL

Jacksonville, FL

Louisville, KY

Organic PR

  • Best ROI of all media vehicles
  • PR strategy executed in all markets
  • PR consultant executed in Washington, D.C.
Enlarge Article

PR strategy to ensure ComfyTree mentioned in local mmj news   

Press Release


[summary of BELOW]

ComfyTree's various print executions for Tampa, FL below.

Multiple campaigns were launched and optimized with space repetition.

Although front page stickers are flashy, we've found that they're better for branding purposes and we will discontinue our use of these until our budget grows.

[summary of BELOW]

Front Page Newspaper Sticker


The waterfall graphic shows the product mix impact to the overall NPV.  As you can see the Academy, which includes the CannaBazaar and Virtual Academy accounts for $1.4MM of the overall valuation.  The valuation is based on 5 year project life.The terminal value is calculated by capping the growth in year 5  and then dividing the profit in year 5 by the cost of capital (40%).  We have used a weighted average cost of capital (WACC) of 40% to account for the risk associated with the cannabis industry.  These risk include: Marijuana is still federal illegal Funding mechanism do not existTrump administration stance on marijuana Inability to use comparable companies in valuation analysis

Product sales assumes 60%  of ComfyHemp business is sold at retail and 40%  wholesale Product revenue excludes manufacturing of marijuana infused products Terminal value assumed to demonstrate long-term value for investorsStrong industry growth  (+60%) rates based on recreation and medical market changes Education assumes significance mix of business moving from CannaBazaar to Virtual Training ComfyLending & ComfyTree Extractions are not included in the above valuation Assumed debt finance yielding WACC of 40%  - Alcohol manufactures cost of capital ranges from 9% - 13%.

Valuation based on 5 Year discounted cash flow methodologyAssumed cost increase of 20% year over year Pricing assumes comparable to Year 1 pricing strategy Significant upside for Expo and CannaBazaar pricing40% WACC  +/- 10% pts changes NPV by ~$1MCurrent valuation exclude ComfyTree Lending & ComfyTree Extractions64% growth rate based on November 2016 ballot voting.

Revenue Streams At A Glance

Our megabrand marketing strategy provides some marketing economies of scale because our products and services are interconnected enabling a marketing “halo effect” to occur.  Strategically interconnecting our marketing will enable us to improve our marketing effectiveness. 

Pricing and offerings may change as external and competitive environment changes Limited marketing spend and capacity halting growth Membership ranges $0 - $9.99 Limited consulting driven by capacity Licensee fee for entrepreneurs looking  to utilize brand in targeted markets Lending  and Extractions revenue not shown.

For example, during the  Cultivation & Dispensary Application course a consumer will see specific communications regarding how to get a loan from ComfyTree Lending.Product mix is an important aspect of our portfolio because if we focus on the areas that have higher margins and utilize lower profit items to get consumers into the portfolio.

The chart below provides a forecasted look at per unit gross profit per unit by business sector. 


Seed Capital Phase 1

ComfyTree Enterprises has been 100% funded by George Allen.  G. Allen has bootstrapped the operation using funds from his employment, credit cards, family and friends. The share of voice ComfyTree currently holds in the marketplace is driven by G. Allen’s funds and the sweat equity of other team members.   ComfyTree Enterprises is seeking funding to produce rapid growth as the industry is moving at an accelerated pace.  The funding chart below is what we are looking to raise as of 6/1/17.  Similar to the valuation the funding request is subject to change depending on changes in the overall business strategy.

Self Funding

The seed capital process has consisted of two phases.  Phase 1 consisted of the launch of ComfyTree and ComfyHemp.  The seed capital phase 2 period was significantly larger than phase 1 and consisted of ComfyTree Extractions.  Since ComfyTree Extractions is an entirely more capital intensive business we have separated our seed capital into two periods. 

The majority of the seed capital  phase 1 was utilized to start the business and pay for operational items.   Significant research was done in the seed capital phase 1 period to determine if entering the cannabis industry would be a smart decision. The following data will provide you a detailed view of what occurred in phase 1 and phase 2 of the seed capital periods.

The below show shows the seed capital phase 1 fund needed to launch ComfyTree Enterprises.  Please note ComfyTree and ComfyHemp were launch during the same quarter. Inventory accounted for 50% of the total startup cost.  This inventory was for the launch of ComfyHemp.Equipment related expenses were utilized to reduce rental fees when executing the CannaBazaar events. The initial ComfyTree website was built internally by the ComfyTree team with graphics create by an outside agency.

Elizabeth Seda


 ComfyTree makes sure to offer appealing products to cannabis entrepreneurs, at every level in their journey, with multiple price points to encourage gradual engagement. 

ComfyTree's business strategy is unlike any other cannabis business in operation today. We intend to capture market share in both the marijuana business as well as the less well-known hemp side of cannabis. We will create the first mega brand in the cannabis industry by infusing the 'Comfy' way in everything we do or create. By demonstrating our expertise in marijuana business operations, retail, cultivation, extractions, and marketing, we will develop the social proof that will allow us to dominate in the marijuana education business.

While marijuana will make you millions and help just as many along the way, we believe hemp will make you billions and help trillions of people while you're at it.

We will also establish ourselves in every facet of the industry to create the synergy needed to be everywhere and begin our journey to mega brand status.

Green Light Cannabis Company - Cultivation

ComfyTree and GreenLight are launching a research and development (R&D) program in our grow facility with the sole purpose of breeding and creating cannabis strains to ultimately find the 'Comfy' strain.  In addition, we plan to use our R&D program to create other unique marijuana strains that meet the growing need of cannabis consumer.

  • GreenLight Cannabis Company and ComfyTree Extractions have a distribution agreement where GreenLight will supply ComfyTree with quality flower and unique strains to help grow the ComfyTree Extractions business model.

- Permit application started 9/1/16

- Won court case against landlord

- Lease since 6/1/15

Property Readiness

  1. Zoning Review Approved
  2. SUDP (waster water approved) 
  3. Plumbing Permit Approved
  4. Structural Review Approved
  5. Transportation Review Approved
  6. Architectural Review Approved
  7. Electrical  Review Approved
  8. Fire Review – Not Approved 
  9. Mechanical Permit Approved

7 of 9 Permits Approved

The building permit status data shows proof of the work already done in order to receive a building permit from the city of Denver to complete the buildout of the MIP facility.  One of the more difficult aspects of acquiring a marijuana license is ensuring you locate a property that is properly zoned and then receive building permits

Here you see the architectural and electrical drawings have been approved, while we are still waiting on the fire approval. Due to the machinery and explosion potential, the fire permit can be the hardest permit to be awarded.  You can see there have been 11 reviews for the fire permit.

Here you will see approval for other permits that are needed in order to get the overall building permit.

Due to the harsh regulations, permitting a facility can take up to 12 months depending on the complexity of the building and the permitting backlog. 

As you can see from this information we received the zoning permit o  8/29/2016 currently 9 months going through the permitting process.

  • Properly zoned for cultivation, infused products, and dispensary
  • 5 year lease with option to buy w/ 3YRS left
  • Rent + NNN = $8795.41
  • Located near other cultivation centers
  • Previously used for caregiving
  • 4,782 square foot facility
  • Strategic partnership grow facility
  • Community development 1 block down

Front of Extractions Facility

View from Havanna (top), View from cross street (right)

ComfyTree Extractions Capital Scenarios


- $192K paid in rent over 2yrs

- $24K/35K in architect fees paid 

- Machine manufacturer determined Option to Buy at $650K worth $1M

- Significant cost already incurred Strategic partnership being developed

- Secure MIP to diversify roduct offering

The startup cost projections below are derived after reviewing five bids from different marijuana construction companies.

Building construction accounts for 64% of the total startup cost.  

These cost are required to upgrade the facility to meet the building requirements based on city regulations and marijuana business codes. 

Key building cost include building parking lot, ADA ramp, bathrooms, and extraction room

  • Consulting expertise is important in ensuring the building construction plan will be approved by the city.
  • A total of $36K has already been spent on the architectural mechanical, electrical, plumbing, zoning, and structural drawings
  • There is some additional general contractor cost that is allocated in the services section as they do not relate to construction.
  • Application fees are a part of stage 1 in hopes that construction will be completed by the time the application and license is awarded. 
  • These fees are for a medical marijuana and a recreational infused product license. 
  • Due to timing and the complexities of being awarded a MIP, legal fees are necessary to prevent rework.
  • Working Capital cost assumes 4 - 6 months of cost before revenue is generated
  • Current business discussion are commencing to create a sales funnel
  • Ability to do business in both medical and recreational markets
  • Total startup cost currently calculates to be $282K.
  • There is some potential cost reduction that could occur once buildout starts.
  • Two years of rent totaling $212K has already been paid.
  • $70K building enhancement cost was paid to the
    landlord to lease the building.
  • $35K in architect fees have already been paid for building drawings.
  • Sunk cost could be paid back in equity or debt
    depending on the term sheet provided by the investor.

All of ComfyTree Enterprises retail business comes from our ComfyHemp sister company. There is no physical storefront for ComfyHemp, but a dispensary is well within ComfyTree's means & vision for the future.  In addition, with CBD stores starting to open in some markets we see a strong opportunity to license the brand to increase points of distributions and velocity.

Powdered Isolate


ComfyHemp plans to white-label the above products until we can produce better lines of CBD oils and extractions at our facility, or with a partner. Although the above products will only be sold at our web store at comfyhempclub.com, we will ship to all 50 states and have established a distribution process. 

Upon success, we plan on greatly expanding our product line, including treats for pets. 

ComfyHemp’s EasyComfort tablets (to the left) are easy to use for patients seeking the relief obtained within CBD.  For patients looking for the purest form of CBD, we offer our PureComfort crystalline isolate.  Many patients consume CBD differently and to accommodate different consumptions preferences we also make the PureComfort sku in a powdered isolate form.  As you can see we maintain our brand style by ensuring we over communicate comfort as this is the most important benefit to patients consuming CBD.

ComfyHempClub (landing page below) offers to make customers 'feel better' by adding CBD to their daily routine. We provide products that make it easy and fun to step close to a feeling of total mind & body wellness.

On the right are ComfyHemp's 'Comfort' Tinctures, where we offer 100mg, 250mg, or 500mg of cannabidiol tinctures as our oral mucosal sku. (Below) As mentioned previously, we provide pure cannabidiol powder for our customers pleasure to consume in any of their favorite beverages.

Provide multiple options for difference consumer segments.

Embed the ‘Comfy’ Brand throughout the entire purchase process

Create reoccurring subscription based revenue streams

Although banking for the cannabis industry has become possible to do legally, most banks are still wary of working with cannabis businesses, and if they do they will charge an exorbitant interest rate along the lines of check cashing establishments. ComfyTree Lending aims to solve this problem for small cannabis businesses seeking loans for 50,000 or less. 

  • Create custom reports for investor presentations or basic research. 
  • Created by master grower with over ten years of experience cultivating.
  • Takes into account every conceivable variable and provide financial projections you can count on. 
  • Instructions teach a customer how to use the program. They can learn in Excel or online with interactive videos.

  • ComfyTree provides intelligent 'guestimates' for you if you are stumped by a number or input. 

Comfort In Numbers Financial Model v1.5

  • Utilize the CiN Model v1.5 to simulate revenue and cost projections of a vertical integration marijuana program.  
  • Project revenue and cost of a cultivation center, manufacturing facility, and dispensary all in one application.

Compare and Contrast

This is your dashboard

The CIN model will create graphical representations of a cannabis entreprenerurs' projections so they can make decisions quickly and feel good about how they choose to go forward.

Model conservative, average, and aggressive simulations to better understand the levels that lead to break-even analysis, ROI, and a business valuation.

This is why Comfy is successful.

Learn more about the ComfyTree team below.

360 Degree Marketing Creates Synergy

ComfyTree covers our bases. We also cross our t's, dot our i's, make our beds, and eat several servings of vegetables a day. In other words, we do it right and we do it well.

Most of ComfyTree's customers are on Facebook & Instagram. We get a huge return on Facebook and Instagram Ads and can build lists of leads for relatively little upfront cost.

Use Moz to evaluate page ranks and make recommended changes to get a better results.

Website Optimization


Create a ‘Comfy’ experience for every visitor.

Design in elements for information capture and visitor engagement.

Define a desired action for every page of our website.

Create an integrated experience to keep visitors on web properties longer.

Our content is highly targeted to reflect research on keywords our target market is searching for. Below we'll demonstrate how we choose our keywords with the industry's top-notch tools. Our process is thorough, regularly tested, and constantly monitored. Keywords are A/B tested first if at all possible.

 Summary of Current ComfyTree Customer Personas

The Inquisitor – Interested but needs much more information and will take time deciding.
Liberal Boomer – Will come along and buy something but won’t seek out opportunity.
The Professional – Wants to cash in on cannabis and is money-motivated.

The above personas are not especially passionate about cannabis. The personas below are usually more aware and more activist-oriented even if they aren’t activists themselves. 

The Go-Getter – Ready to go and just needs to know how to get started. For free.
The Convert – Ready to go and willing to pay, work, or volunteer to get started.  
The Opportunity Scout
– Willing to pay to get started because they’re ready to rock and roll.
The Change Maker – Activists without pocketbooks.  



 ComfyTree Brand Pyramid

We take a painfully long time deciding who we want on our team and who we will partner with, but when we find the one, magic follows.

Competitive Analysis

CannaBazaar Competitors

Comfy U Competitors

ComfyTree Lending

ComfyBlog Competitors

ComfyHemp Competitors

These blogs will be targeted for guest posts by our content creators.

About The ComfyBlog

The Comfy Tree blog is a hub for cannabis industry entrepreneurs, enthusiasts, and businesses to find up to date, engaging, and quality content about the following topics:
Cannabis Industry News
Cannabis legislation News
Cannabis facts – related or unrelated to business
Cannabis education
Cannabis startup concerns
Cannabis laws for businesses

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

There are several valuation methodologies that can be used to value a business.  ComfyTree Enterprises has chosen to use the Discounted Cash Flow methodology which takes forecasted cash flow and discounts profits into todays value to derive at a Net Present Value (NPV).  We believe this methodology is the best method for the cannabis industry because other methods take into consideration revenue multiples and EBITDA factors which are more relevant for established businesses and industry.   Please note that our business valuation is a moving target and it is updated frequently as key assumptions and business drivers change.

ComfyTree wants to create links between cannabis entrepreneurs all over the country, regardless of the legality of marijuana in their state. Getting more citizens involved early will ensure the longevity of the business, set ComfyTree up as a provider of services and products for our community, and allows ComfyTree & our community a larger say in the development of cannabis markets nationally.

Before you considering investing or working with us we want to make sure you comprehend our
brand identity, as it is the cornerstone of our success. Please review the brand equity pyramid
in detail so you can better understand our brand style including our tone, how and what we
communicate, and the emotion we want our consumers to feel when interacting with our
brand. You will see more examples in the 
marketing section of our blueprint. We strongly
believe in studying our consumer to ensure we deliver at the ‘first moment of truth’.

ComfyTree CannaBazaar Events

ComfyTree's traveling seminar brings a full 360-degree view of the cannabis industry to local communities in emerging markets.

CannaBazaar Event Executions
ComfyTree Digital Cannabis Academy
ComfyTree Digital Cannabis Academy Front Page


The ComfyBlog boasts an incredibly varied content selection from lifestyle, to business, to politics and instructions for making cannabis oil. Most of our traffic is routed through this content-rich web property.

ComfyTree Digital Cannabis Academy Course Offerings

ComfyTree provides a wide variety of courses on multiple educational tracks. This produces a truely unique curriculum for each individual student's goals and vision for their future. We plan on offering academic advisors as well.

That's why we've come up with a new digital platform for anyone interested in learning about the cannabis industry in any way. Our instructors are experts in their fields and come from all over the country. Lastly, we plan to offer courses on all aspects of doing business in cannabis, including traditional business courses modified slightly for marijuana.

Although the CannaBazaar has been ComfyTree's bread and butter since our inception, we realize that the scalability of such events has it's limits, and we will not be able to educate the number of people we want to if we're just visiting 4 cities a year. Our CannaBazaar funnels directly into our virtual platform and we encourage virtual education participants to attend an event and speak to instructors in person.

Education is to be a fundamental cornerstone of the ComfyTree business plan From cannabis entrepreneurs to worried community leaders, ComfyTree will offer educational opportunities for anyone who wants to learn more about the fastest growing industry in the United States, how they can take part, or simply learn about this transition from cannabis as a stigmatized schedule 1 drug to a life-saving medicinal, multi-use plant.

Hemp is the future industry of the world. From clothing to concrete, hemp is the most versatile plant we know. Not only is it functional, but the medicinal value is indisputed. That's why ComfyTree feels it's important to get a foot in on the future hemp industry now, even while it's less publically discussed.

The ComfyTree House

ComfyU Social Area

In the spirit of creating a network of cannabis entrepreneurs all over the world, we've also decided to develop the inherent, organic community in our Digital Cannabis Academy platform. As ComfyTree grows, we may see a merger between the ComfyTree House members, the ComfyTree DCA community and possibly the ComfyHempClub memberships.

These screen shots are a part of the back end of our virtual training platform. Since our platform has a built in community, ComfyTree is working on deciding if we should merge all of. our communities or keep them separate. 

CannaBazaar Expos

Many of ComfyTree's CannaBazaar attendees come to meet people who are interested in the cannabis industry in their local community, as well as to meet influencers in the marijuana business in their local community. Our expo provides a great platform for industry leaders and interested individuals to connect. Additionally, attendees can (and have) connect during sessions and form long-standing relationships and partnerships.

They want to get into the cannabis business but they don't know how/where to start.

They are aware of the economic implications of cannabis and they want in, but they do not want to grow and need to know what else they can do.

They are ready to get into the cannabis industry and they need an all-inclusive crash course to get started.

They're interested in the possibilities, but they are wary of entering the 'marijuana industry.'

They are looking for job opportunities in the cannabis industry and want to apply or are looking for education about the skills you need to get employeed by a cannabis business.

They think they want to get into the cannabis industry but they don't know  which path is the right one for them.

They are interested in combining culinary experience with the cannabis industry or they want to learn how to cook with cannabis.

They have money and want to invest in a local startup cannabusiness.

They have land and are considering using it for the production of. cannabis.

They have had a deep personal experience with the plant, or intend to develop a deep relationship with cannabis.

They are simply looking for a job in the cannabis industry; hourly or salaried.

Our avatars may be varied, but they are real people. ComfyTree has looked each one of those avatars in the eye and has promised to help them break into the fastest growing industry in the United States.

We are dedicated to a fully formed marketing

of success. Every level of this funnel is

strategy where every campaign has purpose

& ties into our target messaging goals for a

current customer avatar w/ a predefined

desired customer action and measure

for efficacy analysis. A/B testing

controlled and tracked at each step

creates the foundation of our

efforts & serves as the ruler

we use to measure our 

successes or failures.

This is how we're

able to create

lifelong fans.

The cannabis industry is unique in a lot of ways. One way that uniqueness manifests itself is in ComfyTree's market. Our attendees and students range from 21 years old to 63 years old. Doctors, home makers, business professionals of all colors are found in the crowd as well. Despit the ubiquitousness of the ComfyTree offerings, we've managed to identify common themes within our audience. 

Content Plan

Content is King, and ComfyTree knows it. That's why we spend so much of our time creating valuable content in multiple forms so that people can find ComfyTree and choose us as their partner in their new journey.

After the first interaction, it only get's better from there.

ComfyTree. Creating a variety of incentives to convince new readers, attendees, or friends to give us their information and let us communicate with them. Creating a great first impression is a major part of our job and that's why we put so much time into providing value upfront right away.

Intro Content

Optin Carrot

Primary destination for organic/paid traffic redirection.Multiple writers creating content in the same ‘Comfy’ voice. Each article optimized for a single target keyword and written to encourage a specific action from the reader.

Comfy Blog

Provide no-nonsense, down to earth, accurate, and reliable information about the cannabis industry, business, facts, tips, guides, and other cannabis-related topics that would interest professionals in the industry, thereby.


– (1) Become a leader in the cannabis informadtion space & be perceived as an industry expert,

–(2) Grow blog to 1,000 subscribers in 6 months by creating exceptional content,

–(3) Increase daily traffic to 500 in six months.

Email is the lifeblood of the ComfyTree marketing funnel. Everything routes back to email and it's the most valuable asset ComfyTree has. in terms of marketing. Thousands of readers and customers have trusted us their their personal information and we use it to add value to their lives first, and sell second.


ComfyTree realizes we must create a relationship with our customers and fans. We operate as a global company operating in a small town, and we build rapport before we ever ask our leads for anything.    

Nurture Content

Free Content

We try to give away 75% of our content for free to prove to our readers that we are knowledgeable, trustworthy, and to concince them that they definitely want more.

Paid Content

Paid content does not include CannaBazaar events or recordings of events. Paid nurture content costs less than $50 and wet's the customers feet without having to jump all the way in.

ComfyTree brings in local speakers in every city we visit. If you're a cannabis professional spearheading the industry in your community, we want to hear from you.

Social Media

[content plan summary]

Premium Content

Coming soon.


A call to action to opt-in to ComfyTree communication is on every single page. We seize every opportunity to let a visitor know that we want to corespond with them further, and we have value to add.

Lead Forms

Coming Soon!

Autoresponders & Exclusive Content

Coming Soon!

ComfyTree's content marketing is different from our content plan.

ComfyTree's Ground Crew volunteers to drive around their city with these car signs on their car a month before ComfyTree events. This is our favorite form of guerilla marketing

Car Signs


ComfyTree prints out flyers of various sizes in multiple formats for our Ground Crew to use to recruit attendees, customers, and more crew members who will be dedicated to the Comfy Cause.

What does a 360-degree marketing plan look like for a finite project? Below is a schedule laid out for our Tampa CannaBazaar event on November 28th-30th.

Above is a pre-scheduled marketing plan for the weeks leading up to our November event in Tampa, Florida.  

Below is the total marketing cost for the above schedule as well as how many tickets we would need to sell to pay for it.

Standard Content Publishing Schedule

ComfyTree uses a combination of CoSchedule and live engagement to publish our content to the right people at the right time.


Without investors onboard G. Allen has bootstrapped ComfyTree Enterprises with personal funds, credit card funds, and friends and family.  As you can see below G. Allen has an all in approach and this can be demonstrated by the amount of credit card debt that has incurred.  In addition, G. Allen’s personal experience is what led to the ideation between ComfyTree Enterprises and Beta Financial to launch ComfyTree Lending. Friends and Family have contributed $37KThe total debt below takes into consideration some of seed capital phase 1 and the majority of seed capital phase 2.  It is important to note that 85% of the credit card data is attributed to ComfyTree Extractions

In summary, ComfyTree Enterprises has a funding and capacity limitations that prevents the growth required to compete in the fastest growing industry in the U.S. The business has been sustained with heart and tenacity, but funding is necessary to deliver on the goals and vision of the enterprise.  Get Comfy With Your Financial Investments and invest in ComfyTree.

Seth Lee

Seth Lee is our resident cannabis grow operation expert, and in charge of running ComfyTree's cultivation center in Denver, CO. Seth is an expert in advance and large scale grow operations.

George is the co-founder of ComfyTree. If you're wondering why his picture is blurry, you're not the only one. Our co-founder's identity is a secret due to the public profile of some of his other roles. Only our investors, team, attendees, and friends know who the superhero behind the mask is.

George Allen

Nicole Hill

Nicole is responsible for hiring ComfyTree permanent employee Team members. Her methods have resulted in an unbelievable collection of talent and diversity within the ComfyTree organization. She has never suggested a bad hire. That's a rockstar.




Wes is 


Derek is ComfyTree Lendings' Director of PR. He's the reason you know about ComfyTree Lending. And if you don't know about it, now you do and you can thank Derek.

Nik Green

Nik is a developer with ex




Amerigo is the ComfyTree & GreenLight grow operation's Director of R&D and leads the genetics department on site.





[staff summary]

Business Goals 

& Key Metrics

Speet To Market

Convert our unique ideas into winning products & services quickly and perform many iterations.

Strategic Partnerships

Partner with exceptional businesses and organizations who hold our values & goals in order to build the enterprise and strengthen the Comfy brand.

Positive Customer Reviews

Add value & deliver first-class experiences to all customers (clients, strudents, attendees, partners, & coworkers are all valued customers) during every interaction.

Minimize Cost

Utilize ComfyTree top talent and scrappy work ethic to manage costs without sacrificing quality.

Our goals and metrics are selected carefully to advance the ComfyTree agenda, achieve the ComfyTree mission and align with ComfyTree's business strategies.

Branding is one of our core strengths and a talent that is missing from the cannabis industry.  We plan to fill this void.  

We will consistently provide ‘on brand’ concepts throughout our business model to ensure we are not only building awareness, by capturing market share and deliver strong unaided awareness results.  

You will see how we have creatively utilized the comfy concept with the name of the products in our ComfyHemp portfolio with the Easy Comfort, PureComfort, Comfort100, 250, and 500 skus.

 On the same website property, ComfyHemp fans can take advantage of our membership program to get fun ComfyHemp bonuses and discounts on their favorite ComfyHemp products.

ComfyHemp Club is a consumer loyalty incentive program designed to generate engagement with our patients by continuously providing consumer-focused discounts and engagement programs.  For example, our Comfyest members get to participate in new product trials to help us determine which products meet the needs of our growing consumer base.

CT House aims to. create a rich deposit of cannabis entrepreneur generated, informal content about the cannabis industry around the nation. All of our CannaBazaar attendees get free access to the ComfyTree House Community and resources. The house is also the home for all follow-up and supplemental CannaBazaar resources mentioned or promised during events by both ComfyTree Team instructors and guest speakers/presenters. 

Educating America

As more states come online, the need for education is going to reach a fever pitch, and ComfyTree plans to be there with the cure. By creating a comprehensive, interactive, and engaging platform for cannabis industry education, we plan to lead America to marijuana fluency so the United States can pioneer the world in the growth of the cannabis industry. 

This is only a small portion of our curriculum and we are in the process of creating more courses every day. We are currently in beta testing.

Most people don't hold degrees in finance. Still, more don't have the money to. hire a financial advisor. That's why ComfyTree has created our CIN (Comfort In Numbers) Financial Model. It will project the financial implications of starting a dispensary regardless of what stage of business they're in or the level of detail they know about their future operation.

Tia Marie Tres

Tia Marie Tres is an Ohio native with a passion for writing, acting, and gardening. Tia has been with ComfyTree since it's inception and holds multiple roles, including spokeswoman, blog contributor, event organizer, and more. She contributes pieces to several publications besides ComfyTree including OhioCannabis.com and WeedBeBetterOff.com.

Seke Ballard

Seke is the founder of the ComfyTree Lending branch of ComfyTree Enterprises.